2009 Tropical Storm Ketsana Flood Relief

Year: 26 September 2009

Where: Manila

What: Tropical Storm Ketsana Flood Relief

Purpose: Torrential rain triggered the worst flooding the Philippines’ capital has seen in over 4 decades, submerging more than 80% of the city, killing at least 246 people and displacing hundreds of thousands more.

How: Many of the COOP pastors and workers were caught in the torrential rain in different parts of Manila and were not able to arrive for weekends services, those that made it to the church building, began to swing into action, by purchasing food, prepared lunch boxes and distributed clean water to church members to confirm their safety. COP sent an urgent appeal message to Feed the Hungry by sending emergency funds to meet immediate needs. As more volunteers gathered in the church, they began to collect clothes, blankets, purchased more food, made up teams to go out to help the victims. Teams also helped to clean up houses, rescued those trapped in the water to safety, removed garbage, debris, cleared sewage and pipes to allow water. Although it was a lot of hard works, but everyone went about their duties happy and being helpful showing the love of caring their neighbours.

We were grateful to be part of the team to support this flood relief in prayers, in financing emergency supplies. Through everyone’s act of kindness to shine for Jesus and to share His love.