Our Story

Feed The Hungry Asia (FTHA) began in 2006 as an international arm of LeSea Global Feed The Hungry (FTH) which was founded by Dr Lester Sumrall (1913-1996), a well-respected American evangelist and author. A Christian humanitarian organization committed to fighting hunger caused by poverty, war, famine, and natural disasters. FTHA operates feeding programs across Asia in mainland China, North Korea, Cambodia, Nepal and other countries. Based in Hong Kong, FTHA is formerly known as FTH Hong Kong.

Our story began in November, 1987. Dr Sumrall who was asleep in his hotel room in Jerusalem was awakened at 10 minutes before midnight. God clearly spoke to Dr Sumrall, that he must feed His hungry children. From that defining moment at age 75, he spent his remaining years on earth to feed the hungry, encourage the church and evangelise to the lost.

In the video below, ‘The Beginning’, Dr Sumrall recounts what the Lord Jesus Christ spoke to him that caused him to move with his entire family to Hong Kong to start a church and live amongst its people.

The Beginning

In 1935, the young Lester Sumrall and Howard Carter arrived in Hong Kong to share the hope of new life in Christ. Their journey would carry them through the heart of Asia, travelling throughout mainland China and onwards to Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

Early Spread

After more than a year of ministry in the Orient, they left for Europe on the Siberian Express. In his journal, Lester prophetically commented, “In my spirit I knew I would return again and again to these hungry souls who have seen the Bread of life.”

20 years later, Lester did return with the vision to establish a strong church of faith in Hong Kong. To him it would be a lighthouse for the gospel to shine brightly, and the door into mainland china would open once again.

Passion Words

This passion always remained in his heart and soul, even as he built a worldwide television and shortwave radio ministry and the humanitarian mission outreach called Feed The Hungry.

He says, “‘I want you to give to those that nobody loves – that’s my church, especially in the third world countries.’

I said, ‘Lord, Lord… well, I don’t know anything about this. I’ve written 150 books, I have 12 TV stations and radio stations. I have a church but I don’t know anything about feeding anybody. I’ve never fed anybody.’

The Lord never answered that either.

‘I knew I was in trouble, you see. So I said, ‘Well, what shall I do?’

And He said, ‘I want you just to feed my people. Giving it to the pastor, and the pastor to the people, and the people to their neighbours and friends.’

And He said there will be revivals such as you’ve never seen before on the face of this earth.”

Early Vision in HK 1959

In 1959, the Sumrall family moved to Hong Kong and Lester bought the 4th floor of a new office building. After it was converted into a 300 seat auditorium, it became known as New Life Temple, an evangelistic centre which has remained faithful to the gospel to this day.

Lester Sumrall saw the potential of winning one million souls a day in the nation of China and he used all his resources to share the message of Jesus Christ with the land and people that won his heart as a teenager.

Today and Tomorrow

Today, the ministry of FTH still runs with the vision to see the hungry fed, the church strengthened and the nation brought to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

We believe God has woven our history and mission with the land and people of Asia and we understand the vital role that China has played in the past, present and future of this ministry.

Since 1989, FTH has sought to be a first respondent, providing assistance when natural disasters or emergencies strike, like bringing 5 million pounds of food, medical supplies and planting seeds into North Korea through the Baptist union during the famine of 1998. More recently, rushing food clean water and relief supplies to survivors of cyclone Norgis in Myanmar, and the Sichuan earthquake in May 2008.

By working with local churches and Christian ministries wherever we go, FTH is able to fulfil its mission and mandate to feed hungry people, support and strengthen the local church and reach the lost with the message of Hope in Jesus Christ in their time of need.