Vision Statement

“A world free from hunger”

Our aspiration is to have a hunger-free, happier and Christ-centred environment.

Mission Statement

“Bring fullness and hope to a starving world”

“The LORD will preserve him, and keep him alive; and he shall be blessed upon the earth.”
Psalm 41:2a (KJV)

Bring fullness and eradicate hunger

We are on a mission to root out hunger in the world and bring fullness to people in crisis. We believe everyone deserves to live a full life – to know what it feels like to live without hunger, illness and fear and to believe they, too, can have hope for a better future. This is why Feed The Hungry exists.

We fulfil the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people. Everything we do begins with food. It is our goal to provide quantity and quality. Our ricemeals are packed with nutrients that help fight malnutrition and hunger-related sickness.

With a full stomach and strong body, people will be able to do great things and fulfil the purpose on their lives.

Deliver Hope in Jesus Christ

At FTH, we change lives for today, tomorrow and eternity. We witness the Hope found in Jesus Christ in word and deed. We deliver practical help with love and care, and spiritual food that feeds the body and soul. We offer encouragement through local outreaches and visits, and bear witness to the gospel.

Through nourishing meals and the sharing of the Gospel, FTH offers the world’s hungriest and the most vulnerable the chance to live, and to live a full life.

Our Values

Our values guide us in the way we work, make decisions, approach problems and
interact with our family of co-workers and those whom we serve.