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October 2014


Please respond to this urgent appeal. THANK YOU

Have you heard of The Ludian earthquake which struckLudian County, Yunnan, China, with a moment magnitude of 6.1 on 3 August 2014. At least 617 people killed, injuring 2,400 others. 112 people remain missing. Over 12,000 houses collapsed and 30,000 were damaged.

Not sure why this earthquake was mildly reported, even lesser people responded despite the Hong Kong Government offered to help through NGOs like HK Red Cross or World Vision. People remain cool.

I wonder if there have been too many disasters that people’s heart grows cold just like the Bible says we would? Perhaps the Press in HK presented such a negative picture about past disaster reliefs in China that people do not care.

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BUT care we must, we choose our partners carefully. We are pleased to work with Trinity International Christian Church in Kunming (三一國際禮拜堂). Our co-ordinator used to live and serve in Hong Kong, we have a trust worthy person to oversee things for us. We will call her VT.

Victims are starving , VT was telling me the hardship those up in the mountains of Ludian were going through, simply put it, people have nothing to eat, Government not able to help, VT supported her “sharing” with photos and on-site reports. I told her about a SanDisck Corporation’s ricemeals Packing Day in Oct in Shanghai, we could offer 660 cartons of ricemeals to the survivors. VT asked if we could send the ricemeals earlier as the survivors were starving for no one cared to help since the village took more than 5 hours to trek to. Everything had to be back packed carried into the villages. Feed the Hungry immediately sent RMB6,000 to VT to ensure people won’t die before the ricemeals arrive. Our small cash donation helped 46 families first, each family receive 20 kg rice, 1 litter of oil. This was meant to tie them over till the ricmeals arrive.

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SanDisk also asked Feed the Hungry to help send 700 carton boxes of rciemeals to Shantung to feed the needy and poor. We are more than happy to help.

BREAKDOWN OF OUR APPEAL - we need HK$44,100 to bless and help 600 families in Ludian (鲁甸), in Kunming (昆明), in Zhao Tong (昭通) - The prefecture, almost exclusively agricultural, is one of the poorest in China . 700 cartons of rice meals to Shantung poor communities to be distributed by SanDisk.

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The two places trucking fee comes to HK$24,000.

We are also blessed by Senyan Foundation to give us 200 fleece blankets , Feed the Hungry to purchase 200 blankets at HK$6,500 and we will also send 8 cartons of children winter clothes, we are looking at HK$6,000 shipping charge. (Actually we need 600 blankets)

We just take a step of faith to commit to all these expenses for life is more valuable than counting pennies – I still remembered the first time Heidi Baker prayed for me, she told me to give extravagantly , don’t give out of my budget, but to bless out of trusting the Lord. Sometimes I felt this path kind of like George Muller. To be honest I move in fear and tremble but such joy to see the poor gets the help they needed. Today I seek your help to complete this support to help the 600 families waiting for the blankets, ricemeals and clothings.

ALL these resources mean a great deal to the 600 families who overcame the earthquake, help them to overcome the winter months before spring comes that they can get back to farming. The world may not care to respond, I hope we Christians would not forget the poor across the border,

Please help Feed the Hungry to take this step of faith to bless the extreme needy in Ludian, as the weather gets cold.

May the Lord reward you for your generous giving !

Armanda da Roza

Director, Feed the Hungry, Hong Kong

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