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April 2015


Let extend a helping hand to feed earthquake survivors today

一齊伸出援手、 救助 貧困和飢餓的 災民

Nepal Quake - Death toll close to 5,000 – most severe devastation
since 80 years ago!

尼泊爾地震 - 死亡人 數 超 過 5,000 - 此次地震逾 80 年以來最嚴重 !

Feed the Hungry international offices working together in response to the disaster relief - Please help us rush disaster supplies to Makawanpur and Gorka Districts of Nepal (every HK$450 to purchase rice, lentils, blankets, clean water for a family of 5). The needs are urgent.

全球美膳會聯手回應這次賑災行動 -請幫助我們送出應急物資到尼泊爾的【默格萬布爾】和【戈爾卡】災區。每HK $ 450可以購買大米,扁豆,毛毯,好水幫助一家五口,他們的需求是迫切。

Through working with Smyrna Church, a local Nepalies Church we can distribute these relief supplies to minister to survivors in these two areas. Makawanpur is located in the southwest of Kathmandu and Gorka is a mountainous area near the earthquake epic center. Damage in Gorka is extensive and it is still snowing up in that area. Homes are destroyed and people are living outdoors in the forest.


NEW FTH-logo.jpg