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4 May 2015


Nepal Update

(picture from Guardian)

After conferred with Pastor Ruben Rasaili that In view of the serious situation in many remote places, Feed the Hungry offered to provide 2,000 survivors instead of the original 500-1000 to receive food care, we want to ensure all the survivors under Pastor Ruben’s care are safe with clean water and hot food, a roof above their heads, warm blankets in the night time. First relief distribution is in the Gorkha district. This area still experiences regular aftershocks. People very scared (including Pastor Ruben’s relief team), people are sleeping outdoors, in the forests. Infrastructure is poor, some towns are a seven hour walk from the main road. Pack animals will be needed to carry in supplies. In just 2 days Pastor Ruben drove through 7 districts in search of survivors.

It is raining in the Kathmandu valley; monsoon season is coming up. Pastor Ruben is organizing distributions.

Gorkha is located northwest of Kathmandu. It is a mountainous area where the earthquake epicenter was located. Pastor Ruben has shared with us that the damage is extensive, homes are destroyed.

Please pray for our relief team as well as Pastor Ruben’s relief team, this relief effort is very difficult due to the local government’s response to emergency relief work is very cool. Logistic-wise Nepal is not an easy place to reach. Many major and minor rescue teams are experiencing difficulties to reach the survivors especially those in remote areas.

We invite you to lay aside HK$450 this week to help a desperate family that going through heartache of loosing everything, of not knowing where the next meal will come from, may experience loss of dear relatives or friends.Please empower Feed the Hungry to serve the critically needy people with emergency supplies to tie them over the first phrase of survival.

May the Lord bless you and reward your heart of caring,

Armanda da Roza
Feed the Hungry, Hong Kong

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鑑於尼泊爾多處偏遠地區情況嚴峻,美膳會與Ruben Rasaili牧師商討後,決定由原本的捐助食物予500-1000倖存者,增加至捐助予2000人。我們希望所有Ruben牧師照顧的倖存者生命安全,有潔淨食水和熱食供應、有瓦遮頭、有毛氈保暖。首個獲分發物資的災區為戈爾卡地區,那裏仍不時發生餘震,災民仍處於極度恐懼中(包括Ruben牧師的救援隊伍),他們於戶外或森林露宿,基礎設施不足,好些鄉鎮要步行七小時才可抵達主要道路,倚靠馱畜運送物資。在短短兩天,Ruben牧師驅車穿梭七個地區搜救生還者。





謝謝你們的愛心奉獻,關懷及愛你的鄰居 ,祝福你 !

Armanda da Roza (羅美美)

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