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16 May 2015


IMG-20150504-WA0004.jpg Nepal Disaster Relief Update - 16 May 2015

We are ready to visit Nepal between 22-27 May 2015. We are grateful to Cathay Pacific sponsors 2 air tickets and grant us a generous overweight allowance to Nepal Care and Share Mission Trip. We invite your serious prayers to cover us during this period.

We will be joined by the Germany Director, JP Rummens and the UK Director, Gwyn Williams. In Hong Kong, I will be accompanied by a FTH intern, Joshua Jiong, he is 18 years old, full of zeal and passion for the poor. Please pray for safe travel, for unity and to serve with God’s heart. We want to share the message that they’re not alone and healing is possible.

Our local partner is Smyrna Church Ministries , Pastor Ruben and his team has been working tirelessly and under hazard condition to reach out to the needy in Himalaya mountain areas, the team did not give up. Already more than 200 families received help from Feed the Hungry through this Church. So far the distribution packets contain: rice, Dahl, oil, salt, tent and blankets.

Bagmati_districts.png The team from HK and Europe are bringing tents, purification water pills, ORS, torchlights, facemasks, first aid kits, the list adds on. The areas we will be visiting are : Gorkha, Nuwakot and Bhaktapur.

The death toll and the injured figures climbed on Wednesday from Nepal's second major earthquake in less than three weeks. As aftershocks continue, people are petrified, sleeping outside in tents in the rain and mud. Please pray for the Nepalese people to be strong and courageous, for to them - not just things broken, lives are broken too. Pray also for the local Nepalese residents who have relatives in Nepal.

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We thank you for responding to our appeal. We especially want to mention Han Sung Korean Cuisine’s generous support to designate all their earnings on 15th May in their restaurants to support the relief work.

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Pastor Ruben’s team working tirelessly :

Please pray also for me, able to handle all the logistic of shipment. I am working with Cathay Pacific and the local Nepal Consul General Office to move our items in safely.

Thank you for partnering with us through prayer and finance support. Please continue to lift up the people of Nepal and trust in the redemptive power of God in the middle of this tragedy.

Yours in Christ,

Armanda da Roza

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IMG-20150504-WA0004.jpg 尼泊爾災難救援工作最新發展 - 2015年5月16日

我們將於2015年5月22至27日到尼泊爾,本會感謝 國泰航空 贊助我們兩張機票,並免卻物資超載費用,我們呼籲大家在這段日子迫切為這次行程祈禱。

參與行動的,還有美膳會的德國總幹事JP Rummens和英國總幹事Gwyn Williams。而我則會與本會實習生Joshua Jiong從香港前往,他雖然只有18歲,但對窮人很有負擔。請為我們禱告,祈求路上平安、團結、懷著神的心去服事。我們希望讓災民知道他們並不孤單,神的醫治是絕對可能。

我們當地的合作夥伴是士每拿教會,Ruben牧師和他的團隊在極危險的情況下,努力到喜馬拉雅山區協助有需要人士,從不言棄。現時已有超過200 個家庭透過教會獲得美膳會的幫助。至今救援包內的物資有:米、木豆、油、鹽、帳篷和毛氈。

Bagmati_districts.png 香港和歐洲的團隊,會帶備帳篷、清水丸、口服補液鹽、電筒、口罩、急救箱….清單將陸續增加及更改。我們將會到廓爾喀、努瓦科特和巴克塔普爾。


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我們感謝大家對我們的呼籲有積極回應,特別是韓城餐廳 (Han Sung Korean Cuisin) 的慷慨支持,他們將5月15日其餐廳的收入,全捐予美膳會的救援事工。

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