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4 June 2015


Feed the Hungry's Members visited Nepal

Feed the Hungry's Members visited Nepal

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Dear Friends,

Thank you to all of your prayers, help, support and giving. The four of us from Feed the Hungry had an amazing trip, we learned a lot about Nepal, the hardship the victims live in, the natural and spiritual atmosphere, we found those that our local partners, Smyrna Church targeted are extremely poor, live way up in the mountains not easily reached, within and near the epic centre.

We are glad we were able to immediately offered to feed and provide education to 96 Musahar Tribal children, in all my years serving the poor in Asia, I have never seen such poverty. We hope to build a water well for this village, good water helps to avoid un-necessary disease.

We are touched by the 73 families up in the mountain that lost all their houses, we hope to help send some funds to buy cements, bricks and tin sheet for them to build houses before serious monsoon season set in.

There are still much to do, but we trust God will lead. In all the preparations I saw the hands of God, His leading, even different tribe, language groups and people of different culture and ideas coming together serving the needy.

It was a hard trip, but what glorious was to bring the love of Christ to the people. Thank you for being part of this. We appreciate you and we pray for your well being.

Please continue to pray for us. For wisdom to allocate the final funding to this effort. For all we do, we want to honour and glorify God.

Thank you to all our faithful partners,
Armanda da Roza


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