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09 December 2015

Special Announcement

Peter Sumrall, President of LeSEA Global Feed the Hungry

died suddenly of a heart attack on 5th December 2015


Pete Sumrall, son of the late Dr Lester Sumrall has passed away. He was 62 years old.

Sumrall was President and CEO of LeSEA Broadcasting, also President of LeSEA Feed the Hungry – both ministries reach out to the lost across the world and offer families good wholesome television programming and feeding hungry people, advocating salvation message of Jesus.

Pete Sumrall became a full-time employee of LeSEA in 1973. He worked his way up the ranks in the ministry, from TV production and programming to working with other nations to stamp out hunger through LeSEA Global Feed the Hungry. In 1982, he was promoted to general manager of the network, which at the time consisted of two television stations and one FM radio station. In 1996, Sumrall became president of LeSEA when his father Dr. Lester Sumrall passed away. In 2005, Sumrall assumed full leadership of the companies, which has grown exponentially in the last 30 years. Today, the multi-faceted ministries of LeSEA reach more than 90 percent of the world’s population through television, radio, satellite TV, and shortwave radio. Before Pete came on as President, Feed the Hungry was feeding 0 vulnerable and orphaned children on a regular basis; today we're close to 105,000 children getting hot meals week after week.

We do not hear much about Pete Sumrall in the news but he was busy casting vision and leading the global team to care for the desperately marginal hungry children. He travelled extensively to ensure the feeding programs were functioning. That's part of Pete's Legacy - he left Feed the Hungry stronger than when he found it.

Sumrall leaves to mourn four adult children, two brothers, hundreds of employees based in several U.S. cities and abroad, and millions of viewers and listeners who kept up with his global travels through the network’s flagship program The Harvest Show.

“We all loved my father,” said Drew Sumrall. “It goes without saying that Pete Sumrall cannot be replaced, just as his father before him, Dr. Lester Sumrall, could not be replaced. We will move forward with the vision of the Ministry.”

“Pete was a good boss and a good friend, he had a dry sense of humor, he loved sharing the latest IT technology and world news with us. There was a time when the Hong Kong office was going through hard times, Pete insisted we must continue to feeding the ministry, bringing Christ into people’s lives. I will miss him much, but I know where he is now, he is happy with the heavenly Father,” – Armanda da Roza, Director of the Hong Kong Feed the Hungry.

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彼得•生樂 - 環球美膳會總裁





彼得•生樂於1973年加入LeSEA廣播公司全職投入,服侍崗位拾級而上,由最初的負責電視節目製作,到後來與其他國家合作,聯手透過環球美膳會對抗全球飢荒問題。1982年,他獲升為廣播公司的總經理,當時LeSEA廣播有兩個電視台和一個FM電台。1996年,彼得•生樂的父親萊斯特•生樂去世,他接手成為LeSEA主席,2005年,生樂全權執掌,過去三十年迅速發展LeSEA事工 - 透過電視、電台、衛星電視、短波廣播等多元的事工,已觸及全球九成人口。在彼得•生樂任主席前,美膳會定期照顧弱勢和孤兒0名,到今天,我們已發展至每周提供近105,000名兒童熱食。


彼得遺下四名已成年子女、兩兄弟,數百名遍佈於美國城市或海外的員工,以及數百萬透過廣播公司旗艦節目The Harvest Show,而追隨他遊走全球的觀眾和聽眾。



羅美美 美膳會香港分會主席



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