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July 2016

January – June 2016 Activities Report in brief

Every Child Every Day

June - Ricemeal Packing Day by Korean Rotary Club – One 20 ft container (or 463 boxes = 133,344 meals) donated to “One2One” Ministry in Phnom Penh and Evangelical Mission Association in Kampong Thom.
July – Nelson Mandela Celebration Ricemeal Packing in KL Malaysia – One 20 ft container to be donated to One2One and Evangelical Mission Association in Kampong Thom, Cambodia
July – Heinz Ricemeal Packing Day in Shanghai – One 20 ft container to distribute to the poor in the rural villages of Zhanjiang, Guangdong.
April - Short Mission trip with Hong Kong City Church to visit Kampong Thom Cambodia. It was a glorious time ministering to children and families where Feed the Hungry runs regular and sustainable feeding programs to alleviate hunger pain and related sickness. Cambodia is an important ministry point for Global Feed the Hungry.
June – Cantonese Opera Charity Performance fund raising effort, we are grateful to Tin Lok Productions and all the performing artists who remember the weak, we also thank our donors who sponsored tickets to elderly folks, funds raised will be used in our Every Day Every Child Program. 
June – We are now partner with Foshan Oversea Chinese Business Enterprises to serve the poor and needy in Foshain and extend regions in Guangdong. In August we will distribute the ricemeals from Shanghai to bless 800 families in Zhanjiang, we are invited by Foshan Foreign Affairs & Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau.

This summer I will be visiting Gap Fengcheng Children Home in Dandong – it will be a joy to revisit the children, miss our children, the hard works of love by the staff and Mama Kay would not go un-noticed, I look forward to see how their social enterprises have allowed them to be independent. It is harvest time.

I will also take a trip to Singapore to share about NE Asian needs and to discuss about possibility of visiting this area.

WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS – Please remember us before the Lord for favours when we meet challenges, for opportunities when we knock on doors. To be where God wants us to be.

WE NEED YOUR FINANCE and GIFT IN KINDS SUPPORT to empower us to serve the Body who are suffering.  TOGETHER we can make a make difference in their lives.

Yours in Christ,
Armanda da Roza
Director, Feed the Hungry, Hong Kong

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July 2016

2016年1 月- 6月簡短機構報告


六月份 - 韓國扶輪社捐贈了 1個20英尺貨櫃的米飯餐包(相等463箱=133,344餐)祝福金邊的【面對面】 及柬埔寨福音傳教協會。

七月份 – 納爾遜、曼德拉節慶 –主辦單位在吉隆坡大事慶祝這節日,包括贈送【香港美善會】1個20英尺貨櫃米飯餐包去磅同的福音傳教協會 捐助貧苦大眾。

七月份 - 上海亨氏全體員工摩拳擦掌準備包裝463箱米飯餐包贈送給廣東湛江的貧瘠鄉村。

四月份 - 與Hong Kong City Church的會友作了一個【短宣】,探望了磅同 - 服侍了家庭和兒童,工場考察,鼓勵當地教會。柬埔寨是【全球美善會】服侍飢餓村民的重點國家,餵養項目已運作多年,目的是減輕飢餓的痛苦和有關的疾病,激勵磅同堂會及信徒,是一個成功的個案。
六月份 - 粵曲粵劇籌款晚會,【美善會】感謝【天樂曲苑】大力支持是次慈善活動,更感謝所有表演者热心公益,行出善。也感謝【美善會】之友慷慨贊助門票,捐贈給社區年長鄉親,募集的捐款將會用在【每日每孩子】餵養項目上,繼續關心弱細社群。

六月份 – 得到佛山市僑商協會推薦及佛山市外事僑務局邀請成為慈善合作夥伴,服侍廣東和附近有需要的貧窮鄉村。第一炮

今年夏天,我將訪問丹東【鳳城市鴻雁兒童福利院】- 我也想念孩子,本來無助殘障的孤兒,因為社會的關心和院長不怕辛劳為兒童打做一個好家庭,提供教育,技能知識,保障兒童。他們的社企也做得不錯,讓孤兒院財政獨立。好高興可以看到豐收。


在上帝的施恩寶座前請紀念禱告 – 當我們迎接挑戰時,不退縮,當機會敲門時,求神憐憫、帶領我們。


羅美美 – 總幹事