What We Do

We follow Christ’s calling to fulfill the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people in crisis.

Emotional Needs
Physical  Needs
Spiritual Needs

AT FTHA, we help them in 2 ways:

  1. Every Child Every Day: A long-term feeding program that provides a hot nutritional ricemeal a day for hungry children and their families.
  2. Provide Emergency Relief: During disasters, we provide aid such as food and daily basic wear to those who are affected by the crises.

How We Do it

  • We gather information and understand the real needs of the hungry and destitute people

  • We become their voice to appeal to the outside world for aids to meet the needs

  • We source for food and aids for them

  • We facilitate the delivery of the physical resources into the hands of those who need them

  • We provide financial help and resources to build local facilities such as bread-making factories and kitchens.

  • We provide long-term support to empower local churches that serve the poor communities through financial giving and Every Child Every Day program.

What Makes Us Different From Others