Emergency Relief

FTHA brings emergency aid to victims of natural and other disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes, flood, war and endemic poverty.

We respond by providing food (primarily hot, cooked meals), clean water, hygiene packs, tents, cooking utensils, warm blankets/clothes right after a natural disaster takes place. We also provide emergency financial support to purchase survival food like meals ready to eat, water purification tablets, tarps, generators, first aid kits before local Government able to clear roads and move debris to allow bulk deliveries be made.

Through our close partnerships with field partners, we were able to help thousands of victims of disasters in Asia such as The Great Sichuan Earthquake, The Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, flooding in Myanmar and Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines.


During Typhoon Haiyan crisis

“In one of the church communities, 23 of the 25 houses were destroyed and families had to spend their days just looking for enough food for each day. But now they are able to come together daily and help each other rebuild and repair their homes. It’s because food was taken care of by FTHA’s feeding program. When people see the relief that is coming, it shows them God’s love is not just preached, it’s real,” Pastor Joey Pagadora, Cebu Cathedral of Praise (Philippines)


“It’s so great for people to come in and help. You give us encouragement and lives are being transformed. These gifts are a great blessing to the community” Pastor Virgilio, Cebu Island (Philippines)