Every Child Every Day is a long-term feeding program that ensures children spend an average of 6-8 years receiving food, spiritual guidance, and an education. Each day, each child receives 1 hot meal that is packed with all the nutrients they need.

Rice meal a day for each child !


Globally, hungry children live in a constant state of malnutrition because their diet consists of food that is low in important vitamins and nutrients. Most of them die prematurely and of sickness and diseases if no help are given to them.


To combat the problem, we came up with a unique global program called Every Child Every Day.

We approach churches and ministries and develop long-term partnerships with these indigenous pastors who understand the real needs of the hunger victims in their communities. Through these field partners, we deliver specially-formulated ricemeals to hungry children and the people in the communities.  These ricemeals are packed with the nutrients they need for every day.

We ensure they are fed physically, emotionally and spiritually. Every person has the chance to hear the Gospel and is shown God’s love. Often, they receive free education at schools.

The ultimate goal of Every Child Every Day program is to provide them with the chance to live a life that is filled with the hope and dignity that every child deserves!