We are a bridge that channels resources into the hands of those in need through partnerships with organizations. We ensure that the aids are delivered in a timely manner to the right people with care.

Resource Partners Empowerment

We partner with givers and empower them to give effectively and meaningfully. We gather resources from our Resource Partner and deliver them into the hands of the ones in need. Our global network of resource partners give to the cause financially, in-kinds, time and moral support that make life-changing impact.

Field Partners Empowerment

We provide long term support to our field partners, empowering them to create deep and lasting impact on their communities. Our field partners are churches which are already operating in the fields, serving the poor and hungry. Being on the ground, they understand the real needs of the people.We identify that financial funding,
in-kinds gifts and encouragement that are three key areas that are critical to their success.In addition to ensuring a steady supply or ricemeals and aids, we care for our field partners and offer them encouragement and moral support. Some of them, with our monetary support, managed to build local bread factory and grow fruits in farms to provide for their people sustainably.

Holistic Feeding for the Hungry

We respond to Christ’s call to provide for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people in crisis. Hungry children and their parents receive aids from us through our field partners.Our body needs food yet man does not live by bread alone. They have the opportunity to hear about and experience Jesus Christ. We deliver practical help with the love of Christ and through outreach, mission trips and distribution of free bibles.Ultimately, our feeding programs give them greater strength and control over their own life and situation, such as being able to go to school or make find employment. Not only their stomachs are full but they are able to live a full life.