China Today

Each year, FTH provides approximately 400,000 meals, which can feed up to 800 families in China for the entire year. FTH identifies field partners and ships ricemeals to our partners to help feed families in rural areas. We ensure that the ricemeals are put into the hands of the needy.

Chengwu is our regular feeding point. Other places we have distributed ricemeals to include Yunam, Shandong, Zhongshan, Sansui and Yanji.

About ChengWu, Shangdong

Our field partner works with the Chengwu local government to feed the hungry in the villages. Chengwu’s poor school children are in dire need of nutritious food, education and medical help. The local Welfare Department identifies and organizes school children and villagers to receive the rice meals. We believe through joint efforts, the poor people in Chengwu will be given a good future.


Thank you letters from school children in Chengwu:

Every Autumn, over the last 3 years, FTHA has delivered more than 300,000 meals to over 400 poor families and students in ChengWu. The villagers treat the arrival day of the food delivery like a festive holiday. With time, the villagers know that there is an International NGO that cares for them and will deliver the food with love and care. I believe we deliver not just food but also the faith to overcome adversity and poverty. I can’t use words to express my sincere thanks to FTHA for the great support on this project!



When FTHA considers doing compassionate work in China, two factors are taken into consideration. China has the biggest population in the world, standing at 1.38 billion and has a total land area of about 9 million square kilometers (3,625,800 square miles) – it is a large country with a large population to match!

So we had to ask ourselves who our partners would be and where we should work.

We decided that the best way forward was to work with partners who share our mission and vision!

Compassionate Work