Nepal Today

FTHA currently feeds 220 children daily with a hotmeal through our Every Child Every Day program in Nepal with our field partner, Smyrna Church.

Our efforts in Nepal began with emergency relief efforts when Gorkha earthquake struck in April 2015, killing nearly 9,000 people and injured nearly 22,000. FTHA provided food and other daily care relief goods to help the victims.

After much negotiation with the local government offices and talks with local churches, we finally began our daily feeding program in 2017.



When Gorkha earthquake happened in April 2015, the FTH international offices went into immediate action. We connected with Pastor Ruben Rasali of Great Vision Nepal to find out their urgent needs.

We sent financial funding to begin emergency feeding and supplied tents, rice, lentils, hygiene kits to help the victims in Makawanpur, Gorkha.

We brought a huge amount of emergency supplies and medicine to the disaster areas in June 2016. Crossing the borders with transport was very difficult and dangerous as the grounds were still continuing to shake.

In our visit to the worst affected villages up in the deep mountains of Gorkha, Naubise Dhading, Sindhu Palanchow, we saw the need to plant churches, build clean water pumps and start feeding programs. So, we immediately funded a small kick-off feeding program of 60 and built 4 water pumps to take care of the victims.