North Korea Today

For more than 10 years, FTH Asia has been actively serving food to children and young orphans, at kindergartens and primary schools in North Korea.

Our goals are simple – to feed hungry children, and love and care for them.

Today, we provide 4,050 children with a piece of bread and a cup of soymilk during school days at Rason Special Economic Zone.

You may wonder, “A piece of bread is too little. Can it help?”

A school principal’s response was “If there were no bread and soymilk that day, the children would have nothing to eat that very day.”

Whatever we provide is what they will get to eat. So, every little makes a big difference!

Since 2013, each year we have been shipping an average of 12 to 14 containers (40-ft size) of soy seeds to our field partners to distribute to different provinces’ co-op farms to benefit many rural families.

The farmers plant the seeds together, cultivate them and eventually harvest the crops. The soy harvested provides daily food such as bread, noodles, bean curds and soy milk. Soy is naturally high in essential fatty acids, protein, fiber, and vitamins and minerals where meat is lacking in this country.

Although the North Korean government has taken serious steps in September 2016 to stabilize the price of rice to make it available, that does not mean 70 per cent of the population or 18 million people, who are considered food insecure will receive food.

When FTH’s soyseeds arrive in rural villages, this gift becomes a lifeline to make up what the Government is not able to provide to thousands of people.

Our concern is that children aged under 5 and low-birth-weight newborns are vulnerable to life-threatening diseases if they fail to receive basic food, vitamins and micronutrients.

FTH’s program to deliver the soyseed is vital to people most vulnerable and at risk of malnutrition.



In August 2016, serious flooding caused by Typhoon Lionrock left 70,000 homeless and 600,000 in need in the remote parts of North East North Korea. Children were at high risk. The bakeries that we support continued to supply bread and soymilk to ensure that supplies were not interrupted. Our field partners swiftly responded to with emergency aids such as setting up emergency shelters and providing water purification tablets and hygiene kits.

We love the children as Jesus would love, we choose to serve those with food insecurity issue, and we hope our feeding program can make a difference in the children we serve. To feel loved, accepted and encouraged. Our acts of kindness speak a thousand words. My thinking is God call us to plant seeds and watches Him multiply.