Manila – Philippines

FTHA has been serving the poor of the poorest in the slump areas of Philippines since 2014 with our field partner in Manila. In 2015, we began our Every Child Every Day feeding program with 1,000 children and the number increased to 2,200 by 2016.

FTHA ensures there is regular and sufficient supply of ricemeals to our field partner and that the foods arrive safely into the hands of the recipients.


“The impact is incredible – we have testimonies of children getting healthier and more attentive in classes, and children joining bible study classes and their lives transformed through the study of the Word of God. This is a really worthy cause despite the labor of love and sacrifice of time.”

Senior Pastor of Cathedral of Praise

Through our collaboration with Daily Manna Foundation of Cathedral of Praise (COP), the children in Happyland and Aroma in Manila can enjoy a hot meal each day instead of cold bread or leftovers. Each day before dawn, the kitchen of COP is already in full swing to prepare for the first food distribution at 7am and then 11am.

The children are taught on bible principles to live well, study hard, take care themselves, the importance to pray daily. On Sundays, the children are invited to attend Sunday schools run by COP. COP also runs a health clinic to give children and their family members the needed medical attention, as well as teach parents how to take better care of their children to reduce mortality rate.


How we started

Dr Lester Sumrall came to Manila in 1952, after a series of revival meetings, he founded COP in 1954. When the first COP (known then as Bethel Temple) was running on track, Dr Sumrall passed on the baton to his nephew, Dr. Rev. David Sumrall. The first service Dr. Sumrall preached at was attended by 40 people. Today, COP is considered to be a mega church by any standard, with its sister churches in 5 different cities.

In 2014 FTH and COP joined forces to help Super Typhoon Haiyan victims. It took a lot of prayers, discussions and waiting on the Lord before we decided it was time to do more to feed hungry people in Manila city and as our long term mission.

About Happyland

The poverty in Happyland, which is known as the largest dumpsite in Manila, so severe that it is common to find families scavenging through trash for spoiled foods known as “pagpag” from fast-food restaurants, and make their living turning whatever they find of value into a little cash. We found children were left on their own and not knowing when their next meal would be, since their parents would go out scavenging through the heaps of trash. Children would eat what they called “pagpag” spoiled foods from Manila’s fast food restaurants, totally no nutritioun value. We could identify all the mal-nutrition signs on many of the children in our first visits.